What is Toilet Cubicle?

Toilet Cubicle

Toilet cubicle can be seen at most public toilet and toilet cubicle is usually installed for people to get more privacy in the toilet. According to Wikipedia: “A public toilet, frequently called a restroom, is accessible to the general public. It may be within a building that, while privately owned, allows public access. Access to a public toilet may require a fee, (pay toilet), or may be limited to business's customers. Depending on culture, there may be varying degrees of separation between men and women and different levels of privacy. Typically, the entire room, or a stall or cubicle containing a toilet is lockable. Urinals, if present in a men's toilet, are typically mounted on wall with or without a divider between them. In the most basic form, a public toilet may be not much more than an open latrine. Another form is a street urinal known as Pissoirs after the French term.”

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